Increase Safety for Students & Staff Members

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Parents want their children to learn in a safe and secure environment. Safety in the industry starts when students are picked up from their bus stop, move from classroom to cafeteria to the playground then boards the bus to arrive home. Administrators must be equipped to coordinate a rapid response to any situation. Superintendents and Principals, Hall Monitors and Maintenance, Teachers and Administrators are all important roles to keep children safe.

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Here are some two-way radios suitable for your staff members…

Vertex Standard VX261 Two-Way Radio




Motorola CP185 Two-Way Radio

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Motorola CP200D Two-Way Radio






Improve Customer Service & Increase Table Turnover 

Instant communication is extremely important when it comes to the restaurant industry. You want to be able to get in touch with your Servers, Expo, Dining Room Managers and Kitchen Managers at all times. Using our two-way radios will reduce the time spent looking for staff, communicating and finalizing what needs to be done to make your customer happy.

Here are some two-way radios that are suitable for your restaurant staff…¬†

Motorola CLP1063 Two-Way Radio

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A walkie-talkie/two-way radio suitable for a Dining Room Manager. 

The CLP1063 is one of the best two-way radios you can possibly imagine. This incredible two-way radio is as small and slim as it looks – a perfect palm sized walkie talkie. It is 40% smaller and 50% lighter than similar two-way radios in its class. The CLP1063 comes with a long lasting Bluetooth pod that clips comfortably onto your collar and connects to your short-cord earpiece. You can be hands-free anywhere in the restaurant with the Bluetooth feature.


Motorola CLP1013 Two-Way Radio

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A walkie-talkie/two-way radio suitable for a Server and an Expo.

The CLP1013 is the same small, slim and palm sized two way radio as the CLP1063 at a low cost without Bluetooth capabilities. Though it may not have Bluetooth capabilities, it has a very comfortable earpiece that sits comfortably on your ear. The length the earpiece is long enough that it goes along your torso, but short enough that you don’t have extra wire hanging. You can be comfortable when running food, making drinks, and attending to your tables.